The CDC Association administers federal, general, and private funds to CDCs. Pass-through dollars from the City of Cincinnati provide operating and project support. These funds are on a yearly cycle and are made available through an application process open to all member CDCs.

Private funds from banks or other grantors allow us to provide technical assistance. The cycles for these grants vary. Each of these funds support the operations and projects of CDCs, allowing them to build capacity and move their neighborhoods forward.

In previous years, we have passed through over $400,000 in Operating Support from the City based housing development, $250,000 in General Fund Support from the City for all community based programs, and $30,000 in funding micro-grants from BB&T to help make larger projects a reality in these communities.

Recipients are expected to submit monthly invoices detailing work completed and to attend quarterly meetings with the CDC Association. Additionally, these groups will attend a semi-annual meeting with the CDC Association and the City of Cincinnati.

For more information on these programs, please contact Denise Hamet.