The work of CDCs matter because they are providing a strong Return on Investment to the City, which provides the gap financing, to our supportive banks which provide construction and take out financing, to investment banks, which are looking at bond opportunities, and to investors in the marketplace who are recognizing that we are a valuable place to put their money. And more importantly, CDCs are making the visions of their neighborhoods a reality while providing quality housing options to all members of our community.We provide abundant networking opportunities with community directors, lenders, developers and related professionals and project managers. Membership benefits include advocacy, training, events, and grants.


Our goal is to provide you the “other stuff” so you can focus on what you do best – redevelopment.

We leverage expertise, access and distribute grant funding, and connect industry resources to you at a subsidized rate.
-Back Office Grant Funding for Neighborhood Organizations
-Intern Program
-Ability to apply through the CDCA for additional grant funding including lender         grants and CDGB and HOME funding

Our members also receive discounted admission to our RoundTable Lunch’n’Learns, social events, Neighborhood Bus Tour, a training event and our year-end awards party.

Organization                                $300    
Join vendors and other CDCs by becoming a member and benefit from our many programs designed to streamline services, enabling community development to thrive.

Individual                                     $100
Become a member to enjoy our many annual community development events and networking events at member prices


Email Denise Hamet to become a member.

Organizations may also join at the Sponsor level. Find out more about being a Sponsor .