Do what you do best. The Back Office will do the rest!

CDCA Back Office

Back Office Experts Deliver Services So You Can Deliver Priorities.

Contract with professionals in administrative services so your neighborhood, arts, environmental, and civic organizations can free up staff and volunteers. Now you can stay focused on moving forward your mission, goals and priorities, such as economic development, crime prevention, citizen engagement, and grant writing.

How It Works

gordon-henryThe Back Office provides administrative services to neighborhood-based organizations who are members of the CDC Association. Grants from our funders make it possible for you to purchase high quality services at discounted prices.

Neighborhood-based non-profits receive services directly through the Back Office, with approved vendors. Organizations that join CDC Association of Cincinnati receive a discount for their Back Office services. In addition, many vendors grant lower rates to The Back Office out of a shared commitment to make Cincinnati a dynamic city. CDC Association is offering a special membership rate of $50 for new Back Office users in 2014.  The Back Office pays vendors in full, and invoices the member organization for their share.

To find out more, click here to contact Back Office Director, Gordon Henry.


Prior to the back office project, we always wanted a website but couldn’t afford a quality site. Now we have a website that meets all of our needs!

Sara Sheets, Executive Director
Madisonville Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation

The Back Office basic services make all the difference to neighborhood non-profits!

Rose Nelson, Treasurer
Bond Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation

HONK utilized IT Support and HR Services through the Back Office Project. If we had to pay the going market rate for these services we could never have been able to afford them. Both services really gave us peace of mind knowing that our needs would be covered as those issues arise. We are very grateful to the CDC Association and all of the supporters of the Back Office Project as this has proven to be an invaluable service to HONK.

David Hastings, Executive Director
Housing Opportunities of Northern Kentucky

The Back Office Project has been a great asset to ACDC’s development and ongoing operations. the accounting service assists us with tracking grant expenses and the IT service has saved us great heartaches when our equipment went down. I get comfort from having the support of the Back Office. Nobody’s breathing down my neck because the CDC Association has given me access to these administrative services.

Ozie Davis, Executive Director
Avondale Comprehensive Development Corporation

The Back Office provided Strategic Planning Services to move our organization forward in this ever changing funding environment.  The Back Office vendor was to the point, organized, and effective.

Martha Hilliard, Program Manager
Homesteading and Urban Redevelopment Corporation